Call for Proposals: SOGI UBC Research to Practice Microgrant Program 2022

SOGI UBC invites current undergraduate and graduate students at Canadian post-secondary institutions (e.g. colleges and universities) to submit proposals for research-based resources for PK-12 educators related to gender and sexuality. Specifically, we invite students engaged in scholarly projects related to gender and sexuality to design educational tools or resources for PK-12 teachers that draw from that scholarship. For example, a student studying Indigiqueer histories might propose a podcast sharing those histories for use in PK-12 education, a student studying trans health care might create a comic or zine related to trans-competent sexual health education; a student studying queer linguistics in French might create a series of French-language lesson plans about gender and language.

Three (3) winners will be selected by mid-February 2022 and will have until mid-May 2022 to complete the first draft of their project. Winners will be awarded up to $3,000 CAD to produce their proposed resource or tool for PK-12 practitioners and will present their work to a small panel of teachers and scholars with expertise in SOGI education who will provide feedback on the resources at a one-day virtual conference in late May or June of 2022 (final date TBD). Following revisions after the conference, the winners’ projects will be published on the SOGI UBC website and promoted through SOGI UBC social media channels with full attribution.

We welcome and encourage proposals for creative and multi-modal works that are easily accessible and engaging for teachers and students, including but not limited to podcasts, zines, comics, posters, websites, maps, lesson plans, or curricular guides. Proposals may focus on a particular age group (e.g. early childhood, elementary, or secondary education) or may address multiple age levels simultaneously.

Application Format

Proposals should include the applicant’s CV and an additional project description of no more than 3 single-spaced pages (in 12-point Times font, with 1-inch page margins), plus up to 1 page of references, for a total maximum of 4 pages. The project description should include:

  1. A clear description of the proposed resource or tool, including its intended use in PK-12 education
  2. Evidence of how the project is related to the student’s prior research and scholarship
  3. A budget detailing how the award will be used
  4. A projected timeline to completion
  5. Applicant’s name and e-mail address in the header of the document
  6. Citations in APA format

Key Criteria

  • Proposed project demonstrates competence surrounding the relationships between gender & sexuality and race, Indigeneity, and colonialism
  • Proposed project is likely to be useful and engaging to a PK-12 classroom teacher and students
  • Proposed project draws from rigorous scholarship and is likely to extend or deepen understandings of gender and sexuality in PK-12 education
  • Proposed project can reasonably be completed within the budget and time outlined

SOGI UBC is funded by the Jane Rule Initiative at UBC established by Dr. Robert Quartermain.