Past Events

      • EPSE 308: Sexual and Gender Diversity in Elementary and Middle Schools

        Nov 1st 2018

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      • EPSE 308: Sexual and Gender Diversity in Schools

        Nov 2nd 2018

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      • SOGI-Inclusion for UBC Student Development & Services Pro-D Retreat

        Nov 19th 2018

        Discrimination and harassment are commonplace for LGBT students and workers. Discrimination often begins in education, which hampers employment prospects and potential.

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      • SOGI 101: Introduction to Teacher Candidates

        Jun 6th 2019

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      • To be or not to be… Out?

        Sep 28th 2016

        We’ll look at the advantages as well as the challenges. Several guests, including Glen Hansman, BCTF President, will share their perspectives. Whether this is a burning question for you, or you simply want to know how to support your colleagues who choose to be out, don’t miss this opportunity to learn more and join the discussion.

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      • TEFA Talks Two Spirit

        Oct 26th 2016

        TEFA welcomes Harlan Pruden, UBC PhD student and First Nations Cree scholar and activist, as he shares his fascinating journey and perspective on being Two Spirit. Come and learn more about what it means to be Two Spirit and how we can take an intersectional approach to better understand and support students who are both Indigenous and sexual or gender minorities.

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      • Diversity Cubed! Teaching and Supporting Intersecting Identities

        Jan 11th 2017

        Join three panelists from diverse cultural backgrounds who support LGBTQ youth facing multiple forms of bias as they learn, grow and define themselves. We will explore the complexity of intersectionality and the consideration that must be present in order to teach, support and celebrate students’ various identities.

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      • The Legal and Professional Landscape: Sexuality and Gender Identity in Schools

        Jan 26th 2017

        Recent changes to both BC and Canadian legislation, as well as a new directive from the Ministry of Education mean that the legal land professional landscape regarding sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in schools has been clarified. Join legal pioneer barbara findlay, Q.C., and BCTF President, Glen Hansman, as they outline and take your questions regarding the legal and professional rights and responsibilities of educators in BC around sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI).

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      • Opening Hearts and Minds: How Elementary Educators Can Create SOGI Understanding

        Feb 15th 2017

        From an early age, children have been taught that their gender shapes who they are, what they play with, who they should love, and what they may do with their lives. These gender boxes not only confine and suppress their passions and interests, but also provide an endorsement to ridicule and police those who dare to step outside. 

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      • Elementary Sexual Health Education That Includes All Students and All Bodies

        Mar 8th 2017

        Comprehensive sexual health education is mandated in BC, and teaching sex ed can be one of the most exciting parts of a new teacher’s job. Join Kristen Gilbert, Opt’s Director of Education, for a talk about how to make puberty education inclusive for all bodies and identities. The days of separate puberty talks for “boys and girls” are long gone! Explore best practices and acquire some of the new language we’re using in BC’s most progressive classrooms.

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