SOGI UBC seeks to transform educational environments to support self-determination surrounding gender and sexuality in schools. While our focus is primarily on supporting students, faculty, and staff in the UBC Faculty of Education, we aim to provide resources to other Canadian faculties and institutes seeking to contribute to anti-oppressive education.

SOGI UBC initiatives include:

  • Professional Development and Mentorship Programs to support UBC BEd Teacher Candidates
  • International Transformative Education Speaker Series
  • Integration of SOGI-inclusive education within key, required courses in the BEd Program
  • Delivery of SOGI-inclusion workshops and seminars within the Faculty of Education
  • Development of a freely available, online resources to support SOGI-inclusion as professional competency
  • Outreach to other faculties and institutions to share SOGI-inclusive education content and practices
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SOGI UBC is funded by the Jane Rule Initiative at UBC established by Dr. Robert Quartermain.