Faculty Research

On this page you will find academic publications about SOGI inclusiveness from extraordinarily talented researchers in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia. In addition to their careers as educators and leaders, most of our faculty, are pursuing their own research and scholar practices. Research that is transforming and improving educational environments through innovation and expertise. 

SOGI UBC intends to showcase our faculty’s published and unpublished scholarly outputs that support self-determination surrounding gender and sexuality in schools and contribute to anti-oppressive education. This space is intended to highlight work related to SOGI inclusive education in three different areas: academic publications; popular press articles and essays; media references and interviews. 

For more information about research and scholarship related to the faculty highlighted in this page please refer to the Faculty Research Directory.  If you have any questions or are a Faculty Member that wants to share their work, please contact us at sogi@educ.ubc.ca.