Anti-Racist SOGI Professional Development Sequence

Professional Development Sequence for Teacher Candidates

As UBC teacher candidates, you are embarking on a pedagogical journey to become “knowledgeable, capable, flexible, and compassionate members of the profession guided by a sense of social and ethical responsibility in relation to [your] students and the wider society” (UBC Teacher Education, 2020). This Professional Development Sequence will utilize anti-oppressive frameworks to engage in collaborative conversations about the ways sexuality and gender exist in relationship to race and colonialism.

Building educational environments that are simultaneously anti-racist and SOGI inclusive is essential to equitable educational outcomes, and the success of all students in your classroom. Our explorations will support you as pre-service teachers in cultivating K-12 practices informed by anti-racism, Indigenous ways of knowing, and which are anchored in anti-oppressive SOGI competencies.

Learning Outcomes:

• Identify key concepts in current K-12 settings as they relate to sexuality and gender
• Begin to develop an understanding of the intellectual frameworks of queer, trans, and decolonial pedagogies
• Begin to analyze contemporary issues through an intersectional lens, with specific emphasis on the relationships between SOGI, racialization, and colonialism
• Recognize and begin to critically reflect upon one’s own position in relation to anti-oppressive education and 2SLGBTQ knowledge
• Gather resources to apply in classroom spaces
• Identify and implement key practices in navigating schools as a 2SLGBTQ educator or in solidarity with 2SLGBTQ people in education

Who should register?

The SOGI Pro-D Sequence is appropriate for all Teacher Candidates. Everyone is welcome. Each unit is intended to offer multiple entry points for engaging with topics that maybe new to some, as well as creating a space for deeper exploration for those more familiar with the content.

Our objectives are to 1) support your development as an educator in line with the UBC Teacher Education program; 2) encourage and strengthen anti-oppressive SOGI education as one of your professional competencies; and 3) to foster collaborative learner-centered engagements informed by 2SLGBTQ knowledge that center anti-oppressive SOGI informed pedagogical practice across grade levels and subject areas.

Teacher Candidate Meeting Dates:

Wednesdays 12-1 pm

September 29, 2021: Anti-Racist SOGI Education: An Orientation
October 20, 2021: SOGI, Race, and Settler Colonialism
November 10, 2021: Cultivating Places of Belonging
January 26, 2022: Exploring the Notion of “Difficult” Knowledge
February 16, 2022: Critical Connections: SOGI & Community

SOGI UBC is funded by the Jane Rule Initiative at UBC established by Dr. Robert Quartermain.